Islamic Hygiene Practice Programme (SERTU)


Three (3) Days


Islamic Hygiene Practice (SERTU) is a three-day programme which covers the fundamental of SERTU in the scope of Halal Assurance System. It is a technical method which consists of standard schemes, physical automation equipment, customization tools, competent Jurusertu, verification system & must be validated by Halal Authority. It is also one of the conformity assessment components in Halal certification process & the requirement is essential in certain industries players such as logistics and food retailing services where cross-contamination must be controlled. IHP is a method of sanitation. It is part of Halal Assurance System & can be justified for the purpose of customer satisfaction. Malaysia will be implementing IHP & potentially become a new practice in the services sector which directly empowers Halal Economy.

Course Outline

- Introduction of Sertu (IHP) in Syariah, Halal Assurance System & MS Standard perspective
- The technical & Halal Science of Sertu
- Contamination issues relating to existing Industrial Practice
- IHP application to Industry segmentation (Farm to Fork)
- Justification of Sertu (IHP) for industrial player’s beneficiary
- Technical specification, legal & standard of IHP
- Methods performing IHP for kitchen, laboratory & logistic
- Demonstration (Hands On) for transport (lorry), laboratory & kitchen

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, participant will be able to:
- Determine the basic concept of Sertu (IHP) according to Syariah & Halal Industry
- Elaborate the type of contaminant in Halal Industry
- Understand the application, technical specification, tools, equipment, competent Jurusertu & verification method
- Elaborate the relationship of Sertu (IHP) in Halal Assurance System
- Describe the process flow of Sertu (IHP)
- Demonstrate Sertu (IHP) practically

Who should attend

- Public
- Government
- Private Agencies
- NGOs
- Consumer Organisation
- Manufacturers
- Logistics & Warehousing Industries, Premises and Kitchen

Course Trainers

Experienced subject matter experts for Islamic Hygiene Practice & PSMB certified trainer


RQC Training Room, Revongen Corporation Centre


8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Registration Fee (All prices include GST)

Early Birds (14 working days prior training day) RM 800.00/pax
Normal Rate RM 850.00/pax
Student Rate  RM 680.00/pax
Group Registration (Min. 3 participants) 15% Discount

*Terms & Conditions apply.