HACCP Workshop: Principles & Application


Two (2) Days


This two-day course covers the fundamental of the seven principles of HACCP, the twelve steps for implementation, HACCP requirements within regulated industries and how to implement and develop HACCP standard.

Course Outline

- Introduction of food Safety & the food chain, introduction of food safety relate standard, laws & regulations.
- Introduction to good manufacturing practices GMP element- infrastructure, design & facilities, pest control, maintenance, design & facilities, pest control, maintenance, cleaning & sanitation, waste management.
- Introduction to HACCP & its benefits steps developing HACCP
- Food Safety Policy & Objective, Food safety committee, HACCP principles 1 (Identification of hazards), HACCP principles 2 (Determination of CCP), HACCP principle 3 (critical limit), HACCP principle 4 (Determination Monitoring Procedures) HACCP Principle 5 (Corrective action procedures), HACCP principles 6 (Verification procedures) HACCP principles 7 (Document Control)

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, participant will be able to:
- Understand the concept, overview, importance and the role of GMP & HACCP certification
- Learn about requirements & application procedures of GMP & HACCP regulation
- Understand about importance of management effectiveness in terms of hygiene control & maintenance, cleaning and sanitation
- Learn about Food Regulations In Malaysia

Who should attend

- Quality assurance /quality control officer
- Industrial players (Food pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care)
- Product consumer
- Entrepreneur in small and medium enterprises
- The owner / manager of business premises

Course Trainers

Trainer from recognized Halal Laboratory, HDC Certified & Certified Trainer by HRDF


RQC Training Room, Revongen Corporation Centre


8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Registration Fee (All prices include GST)

Early Birds (14 working days prior training day) RM 800.00/pax
Normal Rate RM 850.00/pax
Student Rate RM 680.00/pax
Group Registration (Min. 3 participants) 15% Discount

*Terms & Conditions apply.